Happiness launches ‘The Playground’

with former co-founder Grégory Titeca as Creative Engineer.

It’s not technology that is holding us back, it’s our imagination.

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The moment we let go of our inner child, we let go of our imagination. That’s why Happiness launches The Playground. An environment where we allow our inner child to be an equal partner. A habitat made to grow and let grow talent, ideas and client’s businesses.

The Playground, what is it? The Playground is quite some things, but it is not, and it will never be an agency. It’s a creative innovation lab, both for ideation, education and collaboration. It’s a place where people with tremendous passion for our profession can ‘play’ together in an environment and a constellation that has nothing to do with ‘day to day advertising agency life’ . Because creativity needs play. Big time. Their ‘playlist’ exclusively consists out of fundamental work for and with commercial clients of both Happiness Brussels and Happiness Saigon. Besides that, Happiness can also invite clients at The Playground on a regular base to co-create towards unexpected solutions. 

The Playground, who is it? On a permanent base the backbone of The Playground will consist out of three of Belgium’s most awarded and respected creatives: Grégory Titeca, Pieter Claeys and Roxane Schneider. Next to them, every 3 weeks another creative team from  Happiness Brussels or Happiness Saigon will join. Their common task will be to  cross-fertilize, learn, unlearn and grow each others ideas to higher the creative benchmark. Strategic and account people will be added when needed. Together with one talented intern team and one random creative talent from anywhere. All of them, to the exclusive benefit of the commercial clients of Happiness Brussels and Happiness Saigon

Geoffrey Hantson, Chief Creative Officer, Happiness: “Since MadMen, the way clients and agencies collaborate has been unchanged. We believe that for the sake of imagination, we need to be a restless lot and challenge this routine. Especially in times where technology is forcing us towards radical change, while at the same time enabling us to truly work differently. With The Playground, Happiness wants to be at the forefront of a changing way of working. Both internally and in collaboration with our clients. The Playground is a place where the mind can enjoy the benefit of being free. Free from dogmas and conventions. An environment that allows to unlearn, in order to come up with much more unexpected and magical solutions to our client’s business problems.

Karen Corrigan, CEO, Happiness: “When we let go of our inner child, we let go of our imagination. The purpose of The Playground is to create a biotope where the inner child in all of us is triggered.  With freedom and responsibility at the core. It will be ‘a serious game’ we play. We will test different ‘Rules of Play’ at The Playground and will implement them in the whole Happiness organisation when we feel they work. Greg is the right person at the right moment. We co-founded the agency on the 2nd of September 2005. I know how he works. He is playful and tough. Creative and pragmatic. Visionary and down to earth.”

Grégory Titeca, Creative Engineer, The Playground by Happiness: “If you decide you’re a thing, you essentially stop growing. The advertising world is changing fast, very fast. Clients are looking for impactful solutions, creatives are looking for radical new ways of working. The Playground is the place where both aspirations are merging.”

Pieter Claeys & Roxane Schneider, Concept Providers, The Playground by Happiness: We have made our best work while playing. We look forward to play some more, anytime, anywhere, with a bunch of truly passionate people in a very promising set-up.”

Geoffrey Hantson Chief Creative Officer, Happiness
Grégory Titeca Creative Engineer, The Playground by Happiness