18,000 artists are considering moving to Spain.

Rising protest for not fair remuneration of artistic rights.

Emilie Dequenne, Astrid Whettnall, Henri PFR, Suarez, Kid Noize, Alice on the Roof, ... these are just a few of the names of artists who express their dissleasure on social.

The core of the issue is simple : large online platforms make money from the performances of artists, but do not pay the artists in proportion for In proportion of the revenues generated by music and audio-visual streaming services. An actor plays in a film, but whether that is streamed 100 or 100,000 times, does little to change his income.

Musicians meet the to a certain extend the same issues : session musicians are getting not paid when recordings on which they feature are streamed. The lead/feature artists are most of the time covered through the contract of the record label the work with. But even in the most optimal case (s)he get 8,4% of the money earned by streaming ‘their’ music. In most cases they are even facing a remuneration as low as 4,9%.

In Spain, legislation in this area has been better regulated and a better compensation scheme has been worked out.

That is why the artists want to raise the serious problem with this playful campaign - in which they announced that they want to move to Spain, if it does not change quickly in Belgium.

In November, this theme will be returned to the political agenda in the federal parliament. The artists invite the politicians to take this opportunity & to go for change! To proof that they are not alone with this demand, but have a large support, the artists organised, together with PlayRight a online petition on playright.be/petition.

About Neighbouring Rights

The neighbouring right arises when an artist (musician, actor, dancer, circus or variety artist) collaborates in the performance of a work. If the recording of this performance (artistic performance) is broadcast, retransmitted or copied, this artist is entitled to remuneration. PlayRight is the collecting company that collects, manages and distributes the rights of performers in Belgium.

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Gwennaëlle Joret Communications Manager, PlayRight
Gwennaëlle Joret Communications Manager, PlayRight